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Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois
This is a list of manufacturers we represent for the Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois territory.
AQUA-TRONICS, INCwww.aquatronics.com
Cable locators, primary and secondary fault locators.
BMK Corporationwww.bmkcorporation.com
Polecrete® Stabilizer pole foam for setting distribution, transmission, and street light poles. Woodpecker repair kits
CENTRAL MOLONEY TRANSFORMERSwww.centralmoloneyinc.com
Single-phase polemount and padmount & three-phase padmount transformers up to 1000kva, wildlife guards, transformer components.
ENERVAC Corporationwww.enervac.com
Air and gas dryers, oil degasifications equipment, vacuum oil purifiers, SF6 gas servicing equipment.
HUSKIE TOOLSwww.huskietools.com
Battery operated cutting and compression tools. Tiiger pole pullers, ground rod drivers, material handlers.
INERTIA ENGINEERINGwww.inertiaworks.com
LineBOSS 3-phase, group operated, load break switches 15-69Kv.
Heat shrink and cold shrink cable terminations.
Raptor protective devices. Wildlife protection: xfmr bushing covers, arrester covers, cutout covers, recloser bushing covers. Products to prevent animal caused outages.
KRENZ & COMPANYwww.krenzvent.com
Cooling fans, controls, mounting hardware for power transformers.
P & R TECHNOLOGIESwww.pr-tech.com
Overhead powerline markers, obstruction lights for towers, thermal imaging cameras.
POWER DELIVERY PRODUCTSwww.powerdeliveryproducts.com
The Horstmann line of faulted circuit indicators for URD cable and overhead.
RAYTECH USA Inc.www.raytechusa.com
Portable test and measurement equipment including: transformer turns ratio meters, winding resistance meters, micro-ohm meters.
Full line of wire and cable pulling grips, conduit riser cable grips, line pulling swivels.
SUMMIT UTILITY STRUCTURES, LLCsummitutilitystructures.com
Steel transmission and distribution poles, H-frames, monopoles, custom designs, substation structures.
SunTech, Fisher-Pierce, Ripley. Solid state photo controls.
TECH PRODUCTS, INCwww.techproducts.com
Identification tag systems. Signs, markers, and nameplates for Utilities.
W. J. WHATLEY, INCwww.whatley.com
Fiberglass composite street light poles and arms, decorative light poles, fixtures.
Power transformers up to 500MVA, 500kV. Mobile substation. Three-phase padmounts.
* Represented in Missouri Only
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